Eliminates subjectivity of the personnel during the measurement process
Allows the implementation of different standards for measuring quality
Does not require new investment in measuring equipment
Implemented PDM system manages measurement results and supporting documents
Accurately defines distortion at any point of the glass

About Us

Encouraged by many years of successful partnership relations with MECAPLEX, the world's leading aircraft transparency manufacturer, coupled with extensive experience in CAD/CAM/CAE application use and development, the expert team of CPS-CAD Professional Sys. decided to venture into developing software for aircraft transparencies optical quality inspection on their own. Their brainchild – TOPINS software package – is the result of several years of research, development and intensive evaluation using real-world airplane and helicopter transparencies.

Our specialist team of mathematicians, IT engineers and aircraft engineers keeps up on an ongoing basis with the requirements formulated in practice by all users of our software – transparency manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, servicing companies and test pilots – and builds on their feedback to improve the existing functionalities of TOPINS software and implement new ones. An in-depth knowledge of aircraft transparency manufacture and inspection processes gives our team the credentials to provide and install a suitable PDM system, developed specifically for this purpose, for any TOPINS software user.

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