Does not require new investment in measuring equipment
Eliminates subjectivity of the personnel during the measurement process
Implemented PDM system manages measurement results and supporting documents
Allows the implementation of different standards for measuring quality


The necessary and sufficient input for transparency distortion measurement in the TOPINS software package consists of two images: an image of the reference grid and an image of the reference grid as seen through the examined transparency. The user can choose between two modes of optical distortion measurement: automated or manual.

Automated Distortion Measurement

Before each measurement, the user defines relevant standard(s) or uploads an existing standard from the database. Once a standard is set in the automated mode, in less than a minute TOPINS will indicate the location of even the smallest distortion on your transparency. A carefully selected color range will clearly show the level of distortion, where detected.

The user fully controls optical standard options, angle tolerance, the choice of one and/or more standards, elimination of horizontal/vertical distortion display, color scheme alternation, 3D distortion display.

post-pro slika1 Preprocessing result

post-pro slika2 Distortion of horizontal lines (detail without
transparency grid picture in background)
 post-pro slika3
Distortion of both vertical and horizontal lines
(detail with transparency grid picture in background)

post-pro slika4
Field of distortion

3D view of distortion

Manual Distortion Measurement

Many years of quality inspectors’ experience have shown that sometimes is necessary to measure distortion only on some specific spots on a glass, quickly change a standard and then repeat the measurement…..

This is why TOPINS features also a “manual measurement option”. Once an area of potential distortion has been detected visually, the inspector can measure the distortion using a highly intuitive “angle ruler”, designed specifically for this purpose. The angle ruler remains compliant with the specified standard throughout the measurement process.


The inspector has full control over the choice of measurement results which will be saved in the image. The software also enables the inspector to add comments to whichever sections he/she believes to be important for transparency quality inspection.

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