Allows the implementation of different standards for measuring quality
Does not require new investment in measuring equipment
Eliminates subjectivity of the personnel during the measurement process
Implemented PDM system manages measurement results and supporting documents

TOPINS Light v1.0

Topins light is mainly focused on transparency testing, wtih some addtitional information about transparency that will be used for reporting tool. This version doesn’t have document management so it reduces amount of steps required for testing. Now you just have to Start New Test, enter some basic information about transparency, like inspectors name, aircraft model, transparency serial number. These information are not required, they are just descriptive.

You can still add 3D model of the transparency to view it as a part.

You must upload one grid picture and at least one transparency picture that will be tested and that’s it!

Now choose standard and test transparency pictures

For tested transparency you should define position, choose its state (accepted, rework, rejected) and you’re finished. After that, you can generate report on any information that was provided through previous steps (transparency and aircraft information, quality inspectior information, testing results, transparency state....)

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