Does TOPINS support simultaneous processing of multiple transparencies?2020-02-26T20:46:40+00:00

Yes. It is possible to initiate simultaneous analysis and processing of multiple transparencies, as long as they refer to the same grid board.

Is it possible to integrate the software with an existing ERP system?2020-02-26T20:46:18+00:00

Yes. It is possible to define an interface with an existing ERP system.

How long does the training take?2020-02-26T20:45:55+00:00

Two to three days

Does TOPINS require special hardware resources?2020-02-26T20:45:29+00:00

NO. A standard desktop or laptop computer configuration is sufficient to run TOPINS

Is TOPINS intended only for aircraft transparency manufacturers?2020-02-26T20:45:08+00:00

NO. In designing Topins, our aim was to make a product that would be equally useful to aircraft transparency manufacturers and end users (aircraft manufacturers and servicing organizations)

Is it possible to adapt the PDM module to corporate procedures?2020-02-26T20:44:33+00:00

PDM has been designed to be modifiable to fit the end user’s internal quality assurance procedures

Is software language localization possible?2020-02-20T22:18:16+00:00

TOPINS can be adapted for any of the languages supported by MS Windows OS

Is it possible to implement user-defined distortion measurement standards?2020-02-20T22:17:57+00:00

Yes, Topins features a very powerful generator of distortion measurement standards.

Can I use my existing imaging equipment?2020-02-20T22:17:35+00:00

Yes, if an adequate grid board is available and if your digital camera has an image resolution of more than 4000 X 2000 pixels

What makes a complete distortion measurement system?2020-02-20T22:14:07+00:00

A grid board (usually 5m X 3m, 1 inch pattern), a digital camera and TOPINS software