Customer Support

Our global team of highly qualified support engineers will ensure that you are successful at every stage of the optical analysis process. From the moment you start using TOPINS software, you will have a dedicated support engineer available whenever needed, be it on the telephone, via e-mail, in online chat or on your premises. Your dedicated engineer will learn how you work and understand your expectations, thus providing you with tailored, proactive, flexible support and an unmatched level of personal service.

TOPINS comes with a detailed User Manual and online help pages for every feature. If you do not find the answers to your problem in any of the resources provided, please feel free to contact us.


A major consideration when investing in TOPINS is the training requirement. Each new customer is trained individually, rather than in a group classroom environment. The training is organized at the trainee’s pace, thus ensuring that the tutorial-based course content is completed with a good degree of understanding. Custom training courses can be arranged and are typically based around the customer’s real-world job of distortion measurement.

Software Maintenance

Complete support, along with TOPINS software upgrades, is offered as an annual per-seat maintenance contract at competitive rates.